Werner U-Turn?

By Callum Brady

On May 23rd I wrote an article/ Blog based on the transfer of the 24 year old German striker Timo Werner to Liverpool and how he would fit in the Liverpool system but since then it looks like the situation has taken an exponential U-turn.

In the last few days reports have emerged that Chelsea have leapfrogged Liverpool in their efforts to sign the RB Leipzig number 11, the reports state that Chelsea has triggered the players £52 million release clause and offered the German £200,000 per week which many key sources believe he will agree to as the Liverpool move is now off the table.

First, you have to look into how this big change came about because it was almost a was matter of time before the player signed for Liverpool because of the confirmed interest from both parties, reports from reliable sources and multiple forms of communication from Werner and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp as well as the striker himself wanting the Liverpool move but somehow along the line, something went wrong. There were rumours before any reports about Chelsea that Liverpool where hesitant to pay £49.4 million for the German and that was the delay and that delay set Chelsea up to move for their man. Now with the offer of £49.4 million and 200,000 per week on the table by Frank Lampard's Chelsea, Liverpool now we're in a situation where they would have to offer around the same for a player who would not necessarily be a starter for the reigning European champions which put them in a bad position, in turn, forcing them to give up on their target leaving him in the hands of Chelsea. Another key factor could be the effect COVID-19 is having on clubs because each club is losing massive amounts of revenue though the likes of loss of match day income and ticket sales therefore spending massive amounts of money on players who wont be making big initial impact most likely not the wise move in consideration of the clubs financial health.

In regards to how he will fit into the Chelsea dressing room, i imagine he will fit in just fine, he will be joining a very young squad which is run by a young manager so I imagine it will be a good environment for a younger player to enter plus fellow German international Antonio Rüdiger will be in the dressing room.

In terms of how he will fit into the squad, the German striker will have to battle it out with Tammy Abraham for the number one spot but I believe the Werner has the larger ceiling, therefore, Werner will at some point become the number one striker and Werner's numbers back over the last two seasons back up this point. Once he is in the squad the big question is, will he perform? Timo Werner strikes me as a player who is very much like Liverpool's Mohammad Salah in the fact that as attacking players they are not very clinical but score a vast amount of goals and players like this need other creative and dangerous players around them to give them opportunities for them to produce the numbers they do. Werner will potentially have them players around him at Chelsea with a great midfield, some attacking fullbacks and a lot of weapons in the attack, some of the key names which will aid the German striker are Pulisic, Mount, Kovacic, and Ziyech to name a few.

In regards to the system, Lampard enjoyed playing in a 4-3-3 system in which he played under with José Mourinho and on top of this Lampard takes on a very dynamic fast-paced attacking play up top with a young core in the squad and employs a lot of man management, this all suits Timo Werner as he can spearhead the 4-3-3 system and is very young, hard working striker willing to learn so you could say its a perfect fit.

To close, there are no guarantees in the success Timo Werner will have for Chelsea and there is no doubt he may have had more chance to do great things if he had transferred to Liverpool or Manchester city with the squads they have but by no means is the German striker joining a bad team, he as mentioned he is joining a young, promising Chelsea team who are on the rise and I would not be surprised if Werner became a 15-20 goal striker for the London club and with a few more pieces they could be in contention for the big prizes once again, and the acquisition all under the nose of Liverpool. One thing is definitely clear, it is a good piece of business by Chelsea.

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