Werner Liverpool Bound?

By Callum Brady

Timo Werner is one of the most sort after strikers in the world of football at the moment and it looks like Liverpool is likely to be his next destination, the 24 year old German had 27 goals and 12 assists in 37 games so far this season. Werner according to sky sports has a release clause of £52 million therefore he can also be viewed as the cheaper alternative to other young prolific strikers around Europe such as PSG's Kylian Mbappe whose price tag is rumored to be more than £200 million in today's market.

The interest between Liverpool and the RB Leipzig talisman is confirmed by reporter James Pearce (The Athletic) explaining that the players the representatives have held talks with Barcelona and other top clubs, but Werner is 'absolutely desperate' to come to Anfield.

Even though the interest is there between the player and club there is still many questions still to be asked about this potential move, starting with where does he fit? If Timo Werner was to make the move over to Merseyside he would be joining one of the most lethal fronts three's the game has ever seen with Sadio Mane (44G,17A), Roberto Firmino (27G, 20A) and Mohamed Salah (47G, 21A) combining for a stunning total of 118 goals and 51 assists over the last two seasons and the current season is yet to be finished. The Liverpool attacking trio are also coming off the back of back to back champions league finals winning

one and inevitably winning the premier league title this season, so Werner has some work to do to break into that strike force, but where hope can be found for the German international is that the age difference is noticeable with the front three entering the twilight years of their careers (Mane, Firmino 28, salah who is 28 in June) where production can potentially start reducing year on year especially in players who are required to run as much as they have been through there time under Jurgen Klopp's reign. The in for Werner could potentially come through in my opinion through a year working with Roberto Firmino and learning the false nine role he has perfected and replacing Firmino as a starter in the front three come the 21/22 season.

Another question that needs to be asked is can he adapt to the premier league and my answer to that question is yes. He will be coming into the as previously mentioned the best front three in the premier league and maybe the world, therefore there will not be instant pressure for him perform so he can settle in and switch in and out the team as well as learn the team philosophy and adapt to the pace of the league. Another reason is that he will be working under one of the great managers in the world in Jurgen Klopp and he is not only great tactically he is arguably known for his greatness in man management as well as player development and I have no know doubt Klopp can take Werner as a fellow German and develop him into a great premier league player over time. The last of my points is that there is a positive history of players from the Bundesliga (German first division) transitioning well over to be premier leagues top clubs and having success, for instance, Kevin De Bruyne transferred to Manchester City from Wolfsburg in 2015 for £54 million and he has developed into an elite midfield player, Another example is current Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signed from Borussia Dortmund in 2018 for a reported £56 million and won the golden boot in the 2018/19 season and one more example amongst many is the previously mentioned Roberto Firmino who signed for Liverpool in 2015 for £29 million and he is a vital component to everything Liverpool do. So with all these points taken into account, I believe Werner has a great chance of success if given an opportunity in the league.

Finally, the big question is whether Timo Werner would be a good signing for Liverpool or would he be a waste of money and I believe personally that there are other options across the world but I feel that Werner is the perfect player for Liverpool at this point because he fits the Liverpool team model that has brought so much success, he is young, has massive potential and the big factor that makes him more suitable than the superstars around the world is that he has a down to earth mentality and strong team ethic which means he will fit right in at Liverpool. So personally I think that Werner should be considered by Liverpool and for £52 million the reigning European champions can't pass up a player of that caliber.

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