Top 10 offences going into the upcoming NFL 20/21 season

By Callum Brady

The common saying is, you don't win championships without a great defence and that applies to most sports but the majority of fans will agree the offence is where the best action comes from and is what people tune in for. On May 1st, Bleacher Report published a Power-Rankings based on Every Team's Offence After the 2020 NFL Draft (, in their article all 32 teams where ranked and the Kansas City Chiefs came out on top. However, after looking at these rankings myself I have a different opinion on where the teams rank therefore I have decided to do my rankings. 

10th. Denver Broncos -

The Denver Broncos are a hard team to predict in terms of how they are going to do in the upcoming season with a great defence and an offence with a young core. At Quarterback you have Drew Lock who showed flashes of great quarterback play in his rookie year and reports are that he is working hard and getting in some reps with his weapons in the offseason, therefore, it would not be bold to say just like Lamar Jackson be could have a great second year. In terms of weapons in Denver, at wide receiver Lock has Courtland Sutton who is an elite receiver breaking 1,000 yards for the second season in three and Jerry Jeudy, who was for most the number one receiver in the 2020 draft, at running back in the mile-high city they have Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay who are not elite but are great options. The clear negative for the Broncos is that they have young players at key positions but if them same young players step up it could be a big season for the Denver offence and that is why they make my list at 10.

9th. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills sneak into my top ten at 9th due to the belief I have in QB Josh Allan, he is going into his 3rd year in the NFL and last season guided the bills to the playoffs but was sent home in overtime after a big play by Texans QB Deshaun Watson, he is a quarterback with massive amounts of promise who has a massive arm and the ability to move out of the pocket if needed. In addition to Allan, the bills have solid receivers in John Brown and Cole Beasley but what turns this offence from solid to very dangerous was the acquisition of elite wideout Stefon Diggs from the Vikings because now Allan has a true number one receiver as well as other solid receiving options.

In terms of weaknesses in this Bills roaster, their success is very reliant on which way the pendulum swings in regards to whether Allan progresses or regresses, if Allen has a poor season the Bills offence will fail but if he progresses Buffalo could be a big threat. Also, the offensive line is something that needs improving with some solid players but too many holes.

8th. San Francisco 49's

At 8th place, you have the super bowl runners up who were so close to winning the big prize if it wasn't for a bit of Mahomes magic. The 49's are a run-based team who dominates on defence but in terms of offensive weapons there are only two elite talents in their positions in George Kittle and Kyle Juszczyk and the rest of the offensive roster is filled with average to good players but with Kyle Shanahan at offensive coordinator, they have put together a versatile running game which last season most teams could not handle. With the solid offensive line which has been boosted with by the trade for seven-time Pro Bowler Trent Williams, it looks like it may be the same again for the upcoming season but with teams having another offseason to come up with ideas to stop this offence and key receiver Emmanuel Sanders leaving in free agency there could be a few issues coming up and that is why I did not put them as high up as other rankings. One more point on the 49's is that they drafted Brandon Aiyuk with 25th pick of the first round out of Arizona State and many people have high hopes for this wideout and believe he is a top talent.

7th. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are a great team led by a great coach but are very reliant on their key talent Russell Wilson. Russell is one of the top players in the whole of the NFL and was leading the MVP race last year until Lamar Jackson set the league on fire, he threw for over 4,000 yards, throwing 31 touchdowns and only five interceptions. The Seahawks also have some great wide receivers in DK Metcalf who was in contention for rookie of the year in my books and they also have Tyler Lockett who has been Russell Wilson's number one for a while now and is a great option. All these different factors together along with great coaching formulates a great offence but there are issues which could hold them back next seasons such as the weakness at running back, poor offensive line, and injury issues that plagued them massively last year.

6th. Cleveland Browns

One of the more controversial picks of the power rankings puts the Browns ahead of some great teams in the league and with most of the media writing off this browns team going into the upcoming season alright I have some hope for them yet. They have a plethora of talent all across the offence, in terms of receivers they have Odell Beckham (WR) and Austin Hooper (TE) as two number one elite talent in their positions. There is also Jarvis Landry at wide receiver, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt at running back and Baker Mayfield who are all special talents on the offence. The argument can be made that if Mahomes or Willson where QB of the Browns they would be number one on this list which shows that the weakness comes down to Baker Mayfield after a bad second season in which he threw the second-most interceptions but in his first season he showed real promise and I think that the second season will have humbled the QB and In my opinion, he will be back in his third year and will perform much better than in the last.

5th. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were have had some disappointing seasons over the last few years but the hope for the Dallas faithful have come from the offensive side of the ball with Jerry Jones capturing a number of special talents but more they fail the more blame is falling on the defence and the media start to lose faith in the team. At quarterback, you have Dak Prescott who doesn't have a long-term deal yet but is young and has massive potential, he is a big leader in the dressing room and has had a passer rating of over 90 in 3 years out of 4. In regards to who he can throw to, he has Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup who are great receivers and they also acquired CeeDee Lamb who fell to them at No. 17 in this year's draft so in other words his receiving core is stacked full of talent, on top of that Dak has one of the best running backs in the league in Ezekiel Elliott to hand the ball off to. The cowboys also have great offensive line even after they have lost Travis Frederick to retirement.

4th. New Orleans Saints

The Saints look to be one of the most dominant teams entering the upcoming season and in many people's eyes favourites for the NFC. As a team, they are full of talent on both sides of the ball but concentrating on offence they have an elite QB - coach duo of veterans Drew Brees and Sean Payton who have been together for a long time and are arguably in the top 5 in their roles. The New Orleans team also has great receivers in Superbowl runner up last season and 49's number one receiver Emmanuel Sanders who was acquired in free agency and they also have the offensive player of the year in Michael Thomas who is in the top three receivers in the game. At running back the saints also have Alvin Kamara who a top all-around back in the NFL and finally they also have one of the best O-Lines in the league also who only gave up 25 sacks in 2019.

The reason the Saints are not contending for the number one spot on my list is due to the fact that the saint's offence just can't seem to get the job done in the big moments in the postseason and on top of that this offence is aging which means it will not be a surprise if some of these weapons don't make it through the season to even play a snap in the playoffs.

3rd. Baltimore Ravens

This may go down as a big shock for many people who were thinking that the Ravens must be pushing for the number one spot and there are definitely reasons why they should be, to start with they have the reigning MVP under center with Lamar Jackson who had one of the most electrifying seasons by anyone in the position and it was his first season in the starting role, the 2019 season was record-breaking for the number 8 and here are some statistics to back that up: Jackson is the only quarterback in NFL history with 3,000-plus passing yards and 1,000-plus rushing yards in the same season. He is also the only player in NFL history with 1,000-plus rushing yards and 30-plus touchdowns in a single season. On top of the QB position, they have pro-bowler Mark Ingram II at running back and have acquired the very promising J.K. Dobbins in the draft, in terms of reserves they have a number of big players but the two big ones in my eyes are mark Andrews at tight end who is a great player and Marquise Brown who has immense talent and I think will have a big year.

In addition to this, the Ravens have great O-Line as well as some of the best coaching in the league with John Harbaugh but why I have left them out of the top two is the fact that I believe that last season caught the league by surprise and the better teams with good coaches will be prepared to meet this Baltimore offence and it will not be as effective, I also think that they need one more great receiver to help Lamar in the throwing game.

2rd. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If you look at some of the picks around the media putting Tampa bay at 2nd on this list might come off as controversial but I am still confused why. They have acquired the GOAT in Tom Brady who according to reports is still playing at a high level so not only do you have a great quarterback you also have a legendary leader, in terms of weapons Brady has at his disposal he has two of the top ten wide receivers in the league in Chris Godwin and Mike Evans who last season were the best receiving due with combined for 153 catches, 2,490 yards, and 17 touchdowns. If that is not dangerous enough for you, at tight end they have both Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard who are arguably top ten in their positions plus the Buccaneers have traded for and brought the greatest tight end ever out of retirement in Rob Gronkowski. Finally, to tie all this together you don't only have the Brady and Gronk leadership but you also have a great coach in Bruce Arians to run the show.

In regards to weaknesses and why they don't make it to the all important number one spot has to be down to the facts that first of all the big age factor of Tom Brady and whether he can do it at a high level anymore, also the Buccaneers O-Line has big holes which have bee addressed in the draft but we will have to wait and see how effective they will be.

  1.  Kansas City Chiefs

As many would have predicted the super bowl champs that used their dominating offence to smash through everyone last year and lift the big prize have taken the top spot in the power rankings here, I hope they're happy. They have the proclaimed 'legion of zoom' in the wide receiver positions with Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman, on top of that they have Travis Kelce at tight end who i believe is the best in his position and finally speaking of best in his position you have the former MVP, reigning super bowl MVP, and super bowl champion Patrick Mahomes, the former Texas tech man is really the reason why they are so far ahead of the competition in terms of offence because he is so great. The Chiefs are also led by a top-five coach in Andy Reid who has created a great atmosphere around the team therefore I can't see many failures in their future.

In terms of weaknesses, the Chiefs are very pass heavy team and in turn, need to look towards incorporating the run a bit more, also the O-Line is not the worst but it's not the best and that could do with some improvement but apart from that I'm not sure what opposition can do with Mahomes with the ball in his hands because right now he is pretty much unstoppable, ask everyone he played in the playoffs last year.

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