The revival of Cam?

By Callum Brady

On June 28th the 31 year old former MVP Cam Newton agreed to a one-year deal New England Patriots and will join Bill Belichick for the upcoming NFL season. The veteran QB will be replacing the six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady's who signed with Tampa Bay earlier this summer and now the dust has settled on the deal I am going to delve into what this deal is and who it benefits the most.

According to the Boston media and other sources around the league, the deal Cam has signed to join New England is unprecedented for the quality of player Cam is. Reports are stating that Newton agreed to a one-year deal with a base of $1.05 million and just $550,000 of that money is guaranteed, there are also $700,000 in per-game roster bonuses and up to $5.75 million in additional incentives, the maximum value of his contract is $7.5 million. According to the Globe’s Ben Volin Newton’s cap number ranks 53rd among NFL quarterbacks which means that he is being paid around the same as backups and 3rd strings.

In regards to how this deal suits Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, it is clear that this is a win-win for the Boston Franchise and it looks like Belichick has struck again. Belichick seems to have waited and waited through the draft and the majority of free agency and at just the right time has picked up a former MVP for around what he is paying his backups. This deal can go two ways for New England for the upcoming season, Cam could come back and simply not be the same player he was or breakdown with injuries in which he was known to do in Carolina and if this happens they can offload him in the offseason and there won't be any financial implications to the franchise or the cap because the deal was only one year and for very low amounts of money but the other way it could go which GM's around the league are praying it doesn't, Cam could come back as motivated as reports say and get health at New England and with the quality coaching available return to somewhere near his MVP form and rocket New England into the playoffs or even Superbowl contention. Either way, it is hard to see how New England could come off in any negative way in this situation with the deal which is in place so it a great testament to the quality of how New England is ran and part of the reason why they are so successful in comparison to other franchises around the league.

Now in terms of how this deal effects Cam Newton, it is important to mention is that the patriots only got Cam so cheap because he was rejected by the rest of the league, therefore, this is Cam's opportunity to show everyone they were wrong and prove to the league he can still be a leading player. Even though New England doesn't have a potent offence there is a solid defence in place and great coaching, therefore, Cam will have an opportunity to push for success. Finally, another reason why this deal could be great for Cam is that because he is only signed to a one year deal this provides Cam an opportunity to go out and earn himself a big-time contract for next season, there are no doubts that if Cam gets healthy and plays anywhere near the same level as his MVP season there will be teams lining up around the block to pay Cam big money.

Looking at Cam's chances of success in New England assuming that Cam is healthy and ready to perform week one, I personally feel that the Patriots could make a push for the playoffs. As mentioned Previous, they are not loaded on offence but defensively they are solid and the patriots do have one of the best coaching staff in the whole league so as a whole the team is not so bad, on top of that after the signing of Cam they might be again the best in the division with the Dolphins still in development and the Bills looking great but have a terrible record against Bill Belichick. Where is all goes downhill in my eyes is that they are still in the same division as Lamar Jackson and the Ravens as well as the great Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs which will ultimately shut down any chance of a super bowl appearance for New England?

To conclude, this deal is great for everyone involved and even people not involved because New England is not holding any serious financial burden with the deal and have acquired a top-level talent, Cam has been provided with an opportunity to revive his career and NFL fans around the world get to again watch the exciting talent that is Cam Newton.

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