The Jamal Adams Saga

By Callum Brady

On the day of July 25th somewhat out of the blue, the New York Jets agreed to the trade of their 24 year old All-Pro safety Jamal Adams and 4th-round pick in 2022 to the Seattle Seahawks, in exchange for Bradley McDougald, 1st-round pick in 2021, 3rd-round pick in 2021, and 1st-round pick in 2022.

This trade as mentioned came somewhat out of the blue after a rollercoaster of events surrounding where Jamal Adams would be playing come the start of the next season. On the 18th of June Adams requested a trade from the Jets and a whole list of teams had confirmed interest in him and as the days went by it looked like Dallas Cowboys would be the likely suitors for Adams after the initial interest along with Adams being recorded in Dallas shouting to a fan stating that he's coming but after a while, the rumours went silent and towards the end of June it was reported that the Jets were not interested in a trade and they value the safety too much to trade away, but now skip to the present and out nowhere a trade was agreed, the Seahawks got their man.

As a player, Jamal Adams is definitely in the elite tier of the league, and the statistics back this up: Since starting in the NFL, he has 12 sacks and 23 knockdowns, the most of any defensive back over that time frame. He has accumulated 6.5 sacks and 13 hits last season, which rare amongst defensive backs. The safety is a hard-hitting player who is dominant in zone coverage but can also get to the quarterback and strip the ball.

In regards to how this deal impacts the Seahawks, I feel that this move could be big for their chances of reaching the Super Bowl and getting out of the stacked conference. With the addition of Adams, they now have a strong backfield containing some massive talents including Shaquill Griffin and Quandre Diggs, also they have some sold linebackers including future hall of famer Bobby Wagner and if coach Pete Carroll could manage to bring back Jadeveon Clowney this Seahawks defence could be very dominant in the upcoming season.

In terms of the finances in this deal, the Seahawks have a great deal for the upcoming year because Adams still has a year left on his rookie deal as well as a fifth-year option but where the problem sets in are after the fifth-year option is completed it means that the Seahawks will inevitably have to make Adams the highest paid safety in the history of the game and Khalil Mack is an example of this after the pass rusher was traded on his rookie deal from the Raiders to the bears and after his deal was up he signed a six-year, $141 million deal.

To conclude, the success of this trade for the Seahawks depends on the impact that Adams has on the team and whether he can push them on to Super Bowl success because as mentioned they will have to pay the future mega-contract as well as giving away big picks therefore financially the deal is not ideal for the Seattle franchise which means that if Adams does not perform he will just become a major anchor on the salary cap as well as the reason for a lack of options in upcoming drafts but if he does perform and has the effect on the team Pete Carroll is predicting, the Seahawks will have acquired a young game-changing superstar.

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