Paying Magic Mahomes

By Callum Brady

Coming off the back of a Superbowl win and what looks like a team set up for a dynasty, all looks great in chief's kingdom but there is somewhat of a monster under the bed which no one would like to think about, and that is the upcoming contracts for many of the key players that will make up the possible upcoming chief's dynasty including the likes of Travis Kelce, Chris Jones and the biggest one of the lot, the unanimous best player in football Patrick Mahomes.

On his current contract Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is not set to hit the NFL free agency market until 2022 but Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt would be making what I think would be one of the most disastrous decisions in the history of sports if he was to let him hit free agency unrestricted. So with the fact that it will be extremely unlikely that he will be allowed to leave the real question is how will they pay him? With the hard salary cap in the NFL, it is very hard to pay your stars due to the fact that when you pay them there is not enough room in the cap to build a solid team around them and the big statistic brought up by the media is that no team has ever won the Superbowl by paying their best player more than 13.1% and to back this up Tom Brady who known as the GOAT after winning six rings is known for taking less money his entire career so more money can be spent elsewhere on the roster.

With Mahomes's age, resume, and potential he should be set for a record setting contract come the time of his renewal, the Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is the current holder of the largest contract per year after he signed a four-year, $140 extension from the spring of 2019 which grants him $35 million annually, also the Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is in contract discusses as well as Mahomes but his contract has expired this year and has been franchise tagged, Dak is not on the same level as Mahomes but his team is asking for a $37 million per year deal for his services in Dallas therefore with the current market of quarterbacks and the rising salary cap it is rumored that the former Texas Tech quarterback could receive a $200 million extension which equates to a record setting $40 million per year.

Paying Mahomes this money will set the market for quarterbacks and make him the highest paid player in the history of the NFL which I think is 100% the right move because the last thing you want is the 24 year old to become unsettled but where you pay one player someone else loses out, therefore, the Chiefs GM Brett Veach has to look at the roster for where it is weak but also what is just as important when paying large percentages of the salary cap to stars is wherein the squad there are expendable players. The Kansas city chiefs are loaded when it comes to the offense and drafting Clyde Edwards-Helaire looks like a smart piece of business in the first round, but the Superbowl champs struggled defensively through the year but come up big at certain times in the playoffs, losing Kendall fuller to free agency also means the cornerback position is definitely a highlighted area of weakness.

Making personal predictions, in regards to the moves that the Chiefs will make in the upcoming years, I believe that it is inevitable that Patrick Mahomes will sign a record setting contract after his 5th-year option is done and key players such as Travis Kelce and Chris jones will be paid but the likes of Wide receiver Demarcus Robinson and offensive guard Andrew Wylie to be shipped off as expendable players to save cap room. If the chiefs do want to my a dynasty of this team with Mahomes at the helm the higher powers at the franchise will have to draft well because them monster contracts will leave little room for improvement in the likes of free agency. In terms of the paying Mahomes, I do believe that when the chiefs pay him he is that great of a talent that he will continue to win and collect a few more rings over the next 5 years with the talent he has around him.

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