Mahomes's Mega Money

By Callum Brady

The deal has been done, after my last article contemplating how the chiefs were going to pay Patrick Mahomes the GM in Kansas City Brett Veach has put forward a lucrative long term deal on the table which suits both parties and reports are stating that Mahomes has put pen to paper on the deal.

In regards to the deal that has been put in place, according to ESPN ( Mahomes has agreed to a 10-year contract extension which makes him a Chiefs player through the 2031 season, in terms of the finances of the deal Mahomes could be earning up to $503 million over the duration of the deal, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter contract includes $477 million in guarantee mechanisms. This deal from the Chiefs makes Mahomes the recipient of the biggest deal in sports history and puts the former Texas Tech quarterback in a small group of players who received 10 year plus extensions, including the likes of Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, Michael Vick, and Drew Bledsoe.

This deal from Mahomes's perspective is mostly positive because not only does it make him financially comfortable it will be making his kids and their kids financially comfortable. The contract for Mahomes also shows the faith that the Chiefs have in him that they are willing to part with that much money and commit to him for the next 10 years, this will only help with the already great relationship that Mahomes seems to have with the Kansas City front office. Also, the way this contract is structured over the 10 years this means that the Chiefs cap is not devastated and I will be mentioning that later but in regards to how that effects Mahomes is that with more cap space Brett Veach as the GM has more cap space to put talent around him and put Mahomes in a good situation to get more rings in the future. The only negative i can find from this deal for Mahomes is that he has committed to this deal for 10 years therefore with the new TV deal and player wages increasing he potentially could be missing out on more money towards the end of his deal.

Looking at how this deal effects the Kansas City Chiefs it really depends on the future, starting with the positives it means the Chiefs have locked down the best player in the league for the next 10 years and in turn put the franchise in Superbowl contention for the majority of them 10 years and will most likely bring in my opinion at least 3-4 super bowls to the franchise over the duration of his contract which would be a great achievement. With the superstar that is Mahomes at the helm for the Chiefs, it makes Kansas City a much more appealing destination for the top tier talents in free agency same goes for coaches who come available in the future. Another benefit of this deal for the Chiefs will come in the form of external revenue because as Mahomes rises as a star across the world he will be becoming a star as a Kansas City Chief and therefore the franchise will increase in popularity around the world much like the Bulls with Michael Jordan, this will lead to massive increases in the likes of merchandise, ticket sales, Jersey sales and much more. In terms of negatives that could come from the deal, if Mahomes was to get a serious injury and I am touching wood as I say this but if it were to happen this could decimate the chances of the Chiefs achieving anything till he is back to 100%, also in the off chance that there became a rift between Mahomes and the franchise you will have a disgruntled QB tied down for the foreseeable future.

To finish on, I really don't believe that this deal will have any negative effect on the Chiefs and the same goes for Mahomes as I think this deal is a win-win for the franchise and the player and even though Mahomes maybe missing out on a little bit of money long term with the new TV deal and increasing but I think he is the type of player who will be more concentrated on winning more rings than earning a little more than anyone else and the last person who approached the game like that was a man called Tom Brady and we all know about the success that the GOAT had.

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